5 Fun Ways To Add Raisins To Your Breakfast Diet



  • Raisins are dubbed to be wealthy in numerous vitamins
  • They are additionally thought-about to be store-house of pure sugar
  • Add raisins to your breakfast meals to keep away from sugar

Raise your hand in case you are a type of who eat all of the raisins from a dry-fruit field! Yes, there’s one thing about these tiny delights which make them addictive, particularly for those who’ve sweet-tooth. Popularly often known as ‘kishmish’, they’re made from grapes and are golden, inexperienced or blackish in color. Raisins are usually used as toppings for numerous Indian dishes like kheer, barfi, fruit shakes et al. Other than including sweetness and texture to completely different meals objects, raisins are additionally dubbed to be wealthy in numerous vitamins like vitamin C, iron, calcium and many others. They are additionally thought-about to be store-house of pure sugar, therefore can exchange the frequent sugar in numerous morning meals, making the dish more healthy.

Health Benefits Of Raisins:

Due to their pure sugar content material, raisins are able to curbing your candy cravings, sans including any further calorie to your physique. Hence raisins will be thought-about as a superb addition to your weight reduction food plan. They are additionally wealthy in antioxidants and may work as on the spot vitality booster. Raisins are additionally said to be good for bone-health, regulating blood sugar and aiding digestion.

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raisins 620x350Overnight soaking of raisins is touted to have some extra well being advantages

Here Are 5 Fun Ways To Add Raisins To Your Breakfast Meals To Avoid Sugar:

  • You could make protein-rich omelette with some raisins added to it. All you could do is whisk four egg whites with half teaspoon salt until it turns frothy. Then prepare dinner it, with some raisins added to it. This provides crunch and a few texture to the fluffy omelette.

  • You could make your breakfast smoothies and shakes with raisins. Instead of including as topping, you may merely mix with different elements to make the dish style candy.

  • You can use raisins as topping to you morning cereals or oatmeal porridge so as to add crunch and sweetness to the dish.
  • We all know including peanuts in poha is a typical phenomenon. But have your tried raisins in poha? Trust us, addition of raisins within the poha recipe make the dish tastier (sweet-salty style)!
  • You can have some over-night soaked raisins and nuts within the morning together with breakfast. Consumption of over-night soaked dry-fruits has at all times been thought-about to be a wholesome meals behavior by a number of specialists.


We tend to have raisins of their uncooked type, however well being specialists recommend, soaking them in water over-night after which consuming subsequent morning is a more healthy choice. Overnight soaking is touted to have some extra well being advantages. As per Bangalore-based Nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood, the quantity of nutritional vitamins and minerals which are current within the outer pores and skin of raisins get dissolved with in a single day soaking, making them extra dietary for the physique.

Hence, think about using over-night soaked raisins in your breakfast meals as an alternative of sugar and provides a wholesome begin to the day. Enjoy!

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