Fashion designers reveal what they are upto during the lockdown – fashion and trends


With every passing day and yet one more extension of the lockdown, one wonders how a few of finest inventive minds in the fashion trade are coping with ongoing state of affairs.

The enterprise of fashion entails all the things from ideation, procurement, manufacturing, together with gross sales and distribution. With a grim international outlook, it is very important be resilient and productive, in order that once we look again, most of us can really feel we spent our days fruitfully.

Here is what a few of the main designers needed to say at the just lately held FDCI webinar.

“Initially I was taken aback when the lockdown was announced. Everybody has gone through their times of feeling bored, thinking where and what we’re heading towards, thinking about the losses, the stress that comes along because you want to support your team but cant help as the stores are shut. There are salaries and rents to be paid, it is a huge loss to the business. But given the current situation it is a lot of quality time with family. I think I have adapted well to the situation”, states Bollywood’s most-beloved couturier Manish Malhotra.

Adding, “I have concentrated on working on my weight loss, which is something I have been wanting to do for the past three years. And also a lot of introspection… 30 years of working in the movies, 15 years of label, non-stop work non-stop travel. I have been thinking of what things I am yet to, or want to, or must done now.”

The designer who’s residence-sheltering in Mumbai states, “I have continued working towards that, and keeping myself occupied. I continue to be disciplined, I wake up very early and get ready. I have converted a small space at home into an office, promising myself of doing little bit of work and skimming through the phone on breaks. It is all about clearing the clutter from mind.”

Besides dealing with private facets of the lockdown, it is usually vital o handle the psychological properly-being of the karigars, artisans and design groups in the workplace, workshops and at the grassroot stage to mobilise their expertise and to spice up ethical, say trade specialists.

“At times it easy to cope with our own stress because we know our highs and lows but to communicate with your team is as important as went through these times. I realised that the design team and merchandisers, along with us are on the same page as we share ideas, at times we are doing it through technology, calls, etc. At that juncture you get to know them as colleagues, but in the current situation you get to know them as individuals, that is, on personal level. Now in the current scenario, we get know our likes, dislikes, preferences on a different level,” says designer Anjana Bhargav.

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