How To Get A DUI Insurance Quote In Toronto

by John Eshan

Are you a Toronto driver with a DUI-related conviction like Impaired, Over 80, or Refuse Breathalyzer? If so, your car insurance company will cancel your renewal.
Toronto car insurance companies like Aviva, Desjardins, or TD Insurance will have an underwriting decline rule that reads something like the following:
1. We will decline to issue, terminate, or refuse to renew a contract for the following reason – Any listed operator has had 1 or more serious/criminal convictions in the preceding 3
DUI is considered a serious conviction. So what do you do, then, if you are a Toronto driver and your insurance company will not insure you because of a DUI conviction? You get a car insurance policy with a Dui Insurance Toronto broker.

Toronto DUI Insurance Companies

A DUI Insurance Toronto broker can set up a new policy with one of the following high risk insurance companies:

1. Jevco: Jevco is a big company and it is owned by Intact. It also bought another insurance company called Kingsway Insurance that used to insure high risk drivers in Toronto.
2. Pafco: Pafco is owned by Pembridge and is strictly a high risk insurance company. They do not insure drivers with clean driving records.
3. Echelon: Echelon has great car insurance rates for drivers in Toronto with DUI convictions. They also do Commercial vehicle insurance for DUI drivers in Toronto.
4. Coachman: Coachman is owned by SGI and they only insure high risk drivers. They do not insure drivers with clean driving records.
5. Economical Insurance: Economical’s high risk division used to operate under the name Perth Insurance.
6. Nordic Facility: This is Ontario’s insurance company of last resort. If you have two DUI convictions in the last three years, they’re the only insurance company in Toronto that will insure you.

How Are The Rates for DUI Drivers?

Obviously, getting a DUI-related conviction like Impaired or Over 80 will affect your rates. However, if the rest of your driving record is clean, with no other tickets and also no at-fault accidents in the last 6 years, you should still be able to get relatively cheap rates, especially if you’ve been licensed for more than 6 years and are over 25-years-old. Call a Toronto DUI insurance broker for a quote.

How Long Will You Have To pay A Higher Rate With A DUI Conviction?

A DUI conviction in Ontario will stay on your driver’s abstract for 3 years. That means that Toronto drivers will end up paying more for their insurance for at least 3 years. I say “at least” 3 years because a DUI conviction is also accompanied by a driver’s license suspension. A driver’s license suspension affects your car insurance rates for 6 years, although it doesn’t affect you as much as the actual conviction does.
Call a Toronto high risk insurance broker and he will be able to get you a DUI car insurance quote, hopefully at a relatively good rate.

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