Kundalini Yoga: The ‘soul detox’ you need during the lockdown – fitness


We are in the sixth week of the lockdown now, combating a relentless battle towards COVID-19. Isolation has taken a toll on us, and it isn’t straightforward to beat gloom. In such distressing occasions, Kundalini Yoga might be immensely useful in soothing and stress-free our physique, thoughts and soul.  “Happy #selfcaresunday. Kundalini yoga has helped me so much in my life and is a great stress relief tool,” posted Australian supermodel, Mirander Kerr on her Instagram this Sunday. Kerr posted a video on social media, that explains how one can do the yoga at dwelling.



 The goal of Kundalini Yoga is to awaken the energies in our physique. Energy that rests at the base of the backbone strikes up and round the base of the backbone, it intersects at seven factors known as the chakras. Each chakra has a operate that retains us wholesome. “Yoga connects us to the energies of our body and most importantly, the divine. It works on our emotional and mental well-being. One can feel freedom in their minds after practising,” says Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati, religious guru and yoga professional. 

 Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati who used to carry common classes of Kundalini yoga in her ashram in Rishikesh has now converted to social media to assist folks study the approach. “It is a great way to connect to ourselves and to the divine power. We keep complaining we don’t have time to do yoga, but now we do have the chance to inculcate this habit. It is blissful and peaceful. It also awakens your immunity system,” she says. “Stress is directly connected to our immune system and this has been scientifically proven. So doing Kundalini yoga will bring greater peace and will connect you to the divine irrespective of your religion, which will strengthen your immune system,” she provides. 

 Actor and Kundalini yoga instructor, Bijay Anand says it’s nice to scrub away all negativity.  “It helped me to take out 30-35 years of anger that resided inside me. It helps release anger, reduce anxiety and helps you to be more flexible. The stiffness in the brain causes stiffness in the body. Kundalini yoga helps you in a deep, powerful and spiritual sense. It makes you feel evolved and also gives you a radiant glow,” he says.

 How is it completely different from the different types of yoga? “Other forms of yoga deal with the physicality of the body. We start working on the soul – healing the soul – from the very first day. We call it purification or detoxification of the soul and your aura, you will eventually start feeling peaceful, looking radiant and will find enlightenment,” says Anand.

 Actor Sonali Khare who began practising Kundalini yoga a number of years again says she felt joyful and liberated after it. “I had no clue when I went for the first class. I thought it was all about asanas but there was meditation, kriyas and chanting. When I was doing it, I had tears in my eyes. It changed my perspective and I connected to my inner self. It helped me release all the negativity, and made me a happier person,” says Khare. 


 How to practise it? You can begin this quarantine with the assist of YouTube movies by Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati, Gurumukh or Kimilla. Anand says doing this practise in the morning between 4:30 to six on an empty abdomen is the splendid method to do it. However, you can practise it anytime. You can play music by singers comparable to Snatam Kaur, Nirinjan Kaur and Mirabai Ceiba as they’ve curated particular Kundalini Yoga songs. 



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