Proclaim Your Faith With Jesus T-Shirts

by John Eshan

Christian apparel is a unique and heart-centered way to express your faith. These items let everyone you meet know that you love Jesus Christ and are a person of strong beliefs. The man in the viral video was wearing a shirt that read “Jesus Saves” and had a cross-out of the popular ‘coexist’ symbol. He was asked to leave the mall for violating its policy on soliciting.


In a world where people regularly own and wear items with the logos of their favorite movies, music bands and TV shows, some believers believe that putting Bible verses or Christian symbols on clothing is an effective form of evangelism. These believers argue that the use of a Bible verse on merchandise opens doors to conversations about Jesus and allows believers to identify themselves with him. 316TEES – A growing veteran owned Christian apparel company that carries a mix of designs and styles inspired by legacy brands C28 and NOTW. Their shirts are printed to order on super soft, ringspun cotton. Their designs include a wide range of cross-themed tees and hoodies as well as Christian freedom-themed designs. One of the best ways to share your faith is through your family. Many of our Jesus T Shirts feature images of families together and are perfect for showing your love for one another. Our Jesus Shirts For Sale have powerful messages of faith, hope and love.

Disciple Threads – A growing Christian apparel brand that is all about sharing the gospel through rad apparel. Founder Matt combines his love for heavy metal, tattoos and black t-shirts with the message of Christ to create a clothing line that is both stylish and spiritually meaningful.


The family is a great place to proclaim your faith in Jesus Christ. Whether you’re sharing your love for the Lord with a spouse, children or other family members, Christian t-shirts are a perfect way to let everyone know that Jesus is at the center of your life. The best part about these t-shirts is that they’re designed by a Christian and made to honor God. Designs that parody secular designs, like the Lord’s Gym shirt, aren’t appropriate for Christian evangelism. They confuse the message of Christ’s crucifixion with a commercially available work-out shirt.

Christian t-shirts that feature Bible verses, words of encouragement or symbols of hope, love and peace are an excellent way to spread the gospel. Wear them on a daily basis and show your faith in action through the clothes you choose to wear. Let others see that your actions speak louder than any words you could ever say. The best part is that these Women’s Christian T Shirts are comfortable and stylish, making them a practical choice for daily living.

Performing & Fine Art

Performing and fine art offer another heart-centered way to share your Christian faith. Musical talents such as singing, playing an instrument or writing poetry are an important part of most Christian lives and can be a powerful witness to others. Other forms of artistic expression, such as painting or acting in plays, can also serve the same purpose. Wearing Christian T-Shirts with scripture verses or messages of faith, hope and love are a great way to open doors to conversations with others about your religious beliefs. While many people choose to express their Christian beliefs through grand displays of devotion, the most effective means often involve small gestures.

However, it is important to note that shirts that parody secular designs and advertisements may serve a deceptive purpose and should not be worn. These shirts are not likely to influence people to become followers of Christ and may even be seen as disrespectful. A more appropriate form of evangelism is through a heart-centered act of giving, such as donating to organizations that support life and faith.


Christian apparel is a great way to show your faith in the world. Whether you choose a bright teal shirt with an image of Jesus or a sequenced lamb design, these shirts are fashion-forward and comfortable enough to wear in casual settings. Adding the right accessories can help you make your outfit pop and highlight your spirituality. While it may be tempting to use your clothing as evangelism tools, this is not always the best way to spread the word of Christ. Some designs that parody secular designs (like a shirt showing Jesus bench pressing the sin of the world) are not particularly effective at sharing the Gospel, since they seem deceptive and trite. You can also choose a shirt with a message of hope to inspire others to follow Christ.


Share the Gospel with these powerful Christian designs that are both bold and beautiful. These Christian t-shirts will open doors to conversation and give you opportunities to share the life-saving Good News of Jesus Christ. These t-shirts are made to order and printed on-demand, reducing waste and supporting eco-conscious clothing production.

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