Tips for investing in share market

by John Eshan

A share market is a platform where the exchange of shares takes place. It is a place where buyers and sellers of security exchange meet. The share market allows public companies to raise funds for their company by selling shares and investors buy them. The share market is uncertain, if a share price is increasing at a particular point in time may decrease at the next moment. As Pidilite share price decreased by 0.038% if compared with the previous share price. A beginner faces many problems in the initial days while investing in the share market.

Some tips for investing in share market are given as follows-

  1. Open a Demat account: A Demat account is a must for investing in shares. An investor should open a demat account. It works like a bank account in which all transfers of shares and procedures. It is an account that holds all the money related to the purchase and sale of shares and the securities investors purchase present in electronic form. Without a demat account, an investor can’t invest in the share market.


  1. Selecting the company: This is one the most important tips that a beginner should keep in mind while selecting a company check parameters like profit ratio, debt to equity ratio, net income, market capitalization, etc. A thorough research is needed before investing in any company so that investors know which company to invest in or not.
  2. Do not rush: Trading should be done by practical research like the financial report of the company, and past records rather than rushing. For example, if a sudden crash comes in the share market, many investors will start worrying and panic which makes them sell their share or stock. Instead, you should do market research and listen to seasoned investors.
  3. Low-priced stocks are not always profitable: As an investor, we might think shares or stock with low prices will transform into mid-cap stock and then large-cap stock. It is not possible without improvements in their fundamentals. These stocks are also known as penny stocks which are largely associated with risk. These shares might seem profitable but companies with poor performance are most likely to lose you.
  4. Maintain a diverse portfolio: Preparing a portfolio is a vital step in investing share market. The easiest way to maintain a portfolio is by buying mutual funds. When comes to diversification, it doesn’t always mean different stocks. It means investment in different industries.


To invest your share to make it successful, you should consider these tips. Selecting the best demat account, brokerage, and company is the most vital and critical choice. For brokerage companies, 5paisa is one of the fastest-growing discount stock brokers in India and it is also the first public listed brokerage company; an investor should know in which sector he/she has to invest. As it involves risk, investors should be careful and do mindful research to know the most beneficial share.

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