Understanding serious clairvoyance and esotericism

by H.Sara

Between those who believe and those who don’t, it can be difficult to understand each other. What if clairvoyance was more than a simple belief?

Esotericism, nowadays, what is it?

According to the dictionary, esotericism can refer to an esoteric doctrine (alchemy, mediumship, occultism,…) which is characterized by an impenetrable, enigmatic, and often supernatural nature.

Esotericism is a field of investigation of an incredible extent. It is impossible to know everything; it is better to specialize.

We will find, in no particular order: the cabala, which aims to pierce the secrets of creation; tantrism, which aims to achieve osmosis between the masculine and feminine principles in order to rediscover the original unity of the universe; alchemy, which aims to transform matter and, in particular, to produce gold from lead; freemasonry, which continues to be the subject of much ink, notably because of its highly ritualized codes; various religious and spiritual currents derived from Catholicism, Buddhism and Taoism; shamanism, which is on the rise again these days, and which is at the root of many esoteric rites; as well as witchcraft and magic, which are “in fashion” in certain feminist currents.

And of course: clairvoyance, which can take the form of premonitions, flashes, clairvisions, clairaudiences, mediumship… This is the main subject of https://voyance-telephone-gaia.com : French website related to all of this.


To the sources of esotericism and clairvoyance

It is almost certain that the oldest form of clairvoyance was astrology.

In all the civilizations of the world, we find an astrological system with 12 signs based on the rotation cycle of the stars. The Moon and the Sun have long been considered to be of divine essence.

What if spirituality, in the end, was only the primitive form of verifiable scientific data?

We already know that science has been interested in everything related to clairvoyance and prediction of the future. The documentation of the end of the 19th century is rich in studies related to the paranormal, mental powers and clairvoyance.

The problem is that admitting the veracity of clairvoyance means admitting that there are fundamental mechanisms that go beyond our sensory perceptions.

To accept that we can predict the future is to accept that we have a destiny; to accept that we have a destiny is to consider with less skepticism everything related to karma, to the soul, to reincarnation.

Where is man’s consciousness located? This question is still being debated today.

The clairvoyance touches all these questions very closely.

We often associate rationality and intelligence. However, clairvoyance could show us that it is rational to believe in esoteric things, and this, still few people are ready to accept.


What you  gain from esotericism and clairvoyance

The goal of these various esoteric currents is not systematically the same.

Most tend towards more spirituality in order to get closer to the divine, to reach the original energy, to find the true – to understand the meaning of life and of its presence on Earth.

Others aim at a more personal and – let’s say – egocentric goal, by gaining power or personal skills through magic rituals.

Still, others aim at a more altruistic goal, by acquiring skills that will then be put at the service of the greatest number.

This is the case of clairvoyance, since its goal is to predict the future. For a clairvoyant to be satisfied with using her gift for herself alone would be far too reductive and practically nobody does it; this is why clairvoyance only takes its full dimension when it is put at the service of others, especially since there are many people in need, people who wonder, question, worry and even feel anxious about their future.

What is characteristic of man is his full consciousness of himself, which leads to the will to solve problems and the need to have clear answers for existential questions.

The clairvoyance is therefore there to answer the uncertainties and questions that we can have about love, work, money but also spirituality, past lives, the future.

A competent clairvoyant will know how to understand what is wrong, and will then be able to connect to the forces of the beyond in order to be the receptacle of forecasts concerning the future of the consultant. She will then be able to give back the fruit of her clairvoyance, which will help to move forward in one’s life in order to realize oneself.

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