What Is A Press Office? – A Simple Explanation

by H.Sara

A press office is a place where people work to communicate with the media and the public. The goal of a press office is to either get publicity for an event or company or better yet, decrease the exposure of negative events.

What is a press office?

A press office is a department within a company that is responsible for liaising with the media. They are usually responsible for issuing statements, answering questions, and managing publicity.

What are the advantages of having a press office?

A press office is a key component of any successful media campaign. In addition to providing reporters with information and resources, a press office can help coordinate interviews and photoshoots, manage press releases, and more. Here are five reasons why having a press office is advantageous:

  1. It Provides reporters with timely and accurate information. A press office can keep reporters up-to-date on the latest news and stories, ensuring that they have all the necessary information when doing their job.
  2. It Can Help Coordinate Interviews and Photo Shoots. A press office can manage all the logistics involved in coordinating interviews and photoshoots from setting up appointments to ensuring that everything goes smoothly.
  3. It Can Manage Press Releases. A press office can create, distribute, and monitor press releases to ensure that they are effective and reach the right audience.
  4. It Can Help Keep reporters balanced and engaged. A good working relationship with reporters is essential for any successful media campaign; a press office can help keep reporters balanced and engaged by providing them with the information and resources they need to do their jobs well.
  5. It Can Help Build Relationships with Reporters. A good relationship with reporters can help build goodwill and improve the media’s general perception of a company’s image and brand.
  6. It Can Provide Media Relations to External Sources (including analysts, bloggers, etc.). No organization can succeed without having strong relationships with external sources.

How to set up your own press office

Anyone can set up a press office, whether you’re a startup looking to take your first steps in public relations or an established business with a robust media operation. In this article, we’ll outline the basics of setting up a press office, from creating a communications strategy to staffing and managing your team.

Define your goals

Your press office’s purpose is to help you achieve specific goals, whether that’s growing your company’s profile or increasing sales. Once you know what you want to achieve, figure out how best to do it. Consider what types of media coverage are most important to you, and develop strategies to get those stories published.

Create a communications strategy

Your press office should be responsible for developing and executing your overall communications strategy. This includes planning and coordinating all media appearances, issuing press releases, building relationships with journalists, and creating content for your website and social media platforms. It can also involve working with third-party PR firms to create targeted campaigns.

Hire the right people

A successful press office requires a team of skilled communicators who can think on their feet and rapidly adapt to changing circumstances. The press office must be able to communicate with journalists and get messages across in a way that is powerful and persuasive.

Be creative

The relationship between the press office and journalists is not always one of mutual admiration, but the constant flow of information between them should be positive, professional, and positive. There should also be a clear understanding of what kind of stories are important right now, so your communications team can make sure they’re published when it’s most useful for you.

Keep up with trends

It’s important to keep an eye on emerging news media channels and how they will develop in the future – this doesn’t just involve finding new outlets but also ensuring that your existing media relationships stay strong and healthy.


A press office is an important part of any business, as it can help to raise awareness of your company and its products or services. By setting up a press office, you can ensure that journalists have easy access to your team so that they can ask those questions about your products or services. Additionally, a press office can provide background information on your company and its products or services for media coverage. Click here for more about the Imprensa.

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