Why Ramayana’s ‘Ravan’ wanted to be Ram-Sita’s ‘boatman’?


Why Ramayana’s ‘Ravan’ wanted to be Ram-Sita’s ‘boatman’? | Bollywood Kisse

Updated : 11 Apr 2020 10:37 AM (IST)

When Ravana’s identify comes to thoughts the face emerges of Arvind Trivedi of Serial Ramayana … Arvind Trivedi is a really large Ram devotee. He used to see Ram Leela since childhood. But he doesn’t wanted to act as Ravana in Ramayana however wanted another character. How did he get the character of Ravana ? How did he turn out to be Ravana with out giving audition? what occurred in his village on the day Ravana was killed in Ramayana? Watch the video to know extra.


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