Wondering if you need a criminal defense lawyer? Read here

by John Eshan

Facing criminal charges can be scary. Prosecutors in Oklahoma are known for being aggressive when filing charges against a suspected wrongdoer, and it is pertinent that you seek legal advice immediately. Just because you face DUI or other criminal charges doesn’t mean much unless there is strong evidence. Also, not everything the police or the prosecution has is admissible in court. Only an experienced attorney can help evaluate the case appropriately. Firms like Fassio Law can offer consultation for affordable prices. In this post, we are discussing why you need a criminal lawyer.

Expertise & experience

A lawyer specializing in criminal defense already knows the legal system in Oklahoma. They have probably handled numerous cases that have circumstances similar to yours. You can rely on their experience and expertise for the right strategy. A private criminal defense lawyer is always better because they will devote the time you need.

Beyond a single lawyer

If you choose the right firm for your representation, you will get the advice of many lawyers. Seasoned attorneys often work together to ensure clients get the best possible outcome, and it is more than just about having one lawyer who may miss a few details. Protecting your rights is the job of the law firm, and if that requires more than one expert, you can expect that help.

Evaluate all legal options

Should you consider a plea bargain? Should you consider taking the matter to trial? Did the police treat you right all throughout the process? Did the officers violate your rights during the search? These are some questions that an attorney can answer. With a legal team handling everything, you can know the options in detail.

Prepare for the worst

Lawyers can guide you on the dos and don’ts you must follow after your arrest. Remember, you are not guilty until proven so, and therefore, you always have a chance. Also, more often than not, people assume that they can deal with prosecutors’ cases, which is not always true. An attorney can be aggressive when required and will prepare you for the expected outcome.

Affording an attorney

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer can be expensive, and most law firms charge an hourly rate. Make sure to discuss all relevant details before you engage an attorney. You should be able to afford the lawyer, especially if the charges are serious and the legal process will likely continue for a long time. Check online listings for criminal lawyers in Oklahoma now!                           

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