Zinedine Zidane’s infamous 2006 World Cup last headbutt to Marco Materazzi

by H.Sara

Zinedine Zidane’s notorious headbutt on Marco Materazzi of Italy is unquestionably one of the fascinating stories from the FIFA World Cup.

In his final look as an International footballer, the French legend rammed his head into the Italy defender’s chest throughout the additional time of the 2006 World Cup last after Materazzi mentioned one thing to him. As a result, the France captain was red-carded, and Italy went on to win the title on penalty kicks.

The incident sparked weeks of hypothesis about what Materazzi might need told Zidane to impress such a response, and the Italian ultimately acknowledged that he had insulted Zidane’s sister.

Speaking to Italian media outlet PassioneInter, Materazzi mentioned, “It seemed like a tremendous bang, and I didn’t want Gattuso to reprimand me again, so I grabbed his shirt. He answered, and that’s what occurred; thankfully, I wasn’t expecting it, or I’d have had to take an early shower as well. I told him I wanted his sister and he asked if I wanted his shirt.”

Remembering the profitable Italian aspect of 2006, Materazzi had mentioned, “I was making a lovely mess, but everyone chipped in. It’s simpler to pinpoint who remained silent. We had a terrific group, so there was usually a celebration after the games. Pirlo? How many jokes do you have with Gattuso? He appears calm at all times, yet he’s a brilliant mind.”

Talking about deadly fan tradition, Materazzi mentioned, “In all of the stadiums they sang in opposition to me’ son of a bitch’, judges don’t perceive something. Everybody’s all morale about this racism factor. It would be best if you punished all people. It’s a must to shut the Curva even for regular insults. Chants are doing it to harass the opposite aspect, and I used to get indignant. Why can they wind up Balotelli or me? If you sing in opposition to Neapolitans, they shut the Curva; if you sing in opposition to the Genoans, they closed the Curva.

“Even if it means the death of football because no one will care. You must ignore them; otherwise, cameras will be installed, and they will no longer be permitted to enter stadiums. It needs to be that that in every stadium, otherwise the judges would be clowns and cowards.”

After the World Cup, Zidane expressed sorrow for the incident. “I feel ashamed of what occurred in 2006.” But, he had stated, “I am not urging anyone (player) to behave in the same manner.”

The last was the French soccer legend’s final ever look like a participant. Click here to read more articles.

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