Broward Single Sign On

by James William

Broward single sign on is a smart system that allows students, teachers and parents to have an additional layer of security over their materials. It also provides a way for them to access their study material from anywhere and anytime, easily.

Broward College was looking for a new access management platform that provided key functionalities including provisioning and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), self-service password reset, Single Sign-On (SSO) and seamless Workday integration.

Single sign-on

A broward single sign on solution lets an end user log in once to access all the resources and applications he needs. It also eliminates the hassle of remembering complex usernames and passwords for multiple services.

Authentication schemes such as Kerberos, Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), and smart card-based authentication have been used to implement single sign-on. All these technologies allow users to authenticate once into a central identity provider, which then automatically authenticates on their behalf to other systems.

These centralized authentication points are referred to as single sign-on systems or single sign-on platforms, and they are often implemented in conjunction with an identity management system. A single sign-on solution can be used in a variety of ways to manage user access to various IT resources, including cloud-based and on-premises services.

One type of single sign-on consists of a password manager that provides a central point for users to authenticate and manage their credentials. From this point, the password manager can then automatically populate credentials for other integrated resources. This can be accomplished by using a service like Google Authenticator or by allowing users to choose their own passwords.

Another single sign-on method entails a user authenticating once into a federated identity provider, which then validates the user to each of the resources it is protecting. This approach enables organizations to introduce unique credential policies and requirements across their various identity stores.

In addition, federated identity providers can be integrated with password managers to provide a complete SSO experience. These solutions can then be used to manage user access to various IT resources, such as web and virtual servers, cloud applications, and SaaS offerings. They can also be used to protect against unauthorized access to these resources by removing credentials from servers and network storage. This can help prevent a cyber attack that uses stolen login credentials to gain access to sensitive information. It can also enable secure access to mobile devices and cloud-based applications. Lastly, these solutions can be used to protect against phishing and malware.

Self-service password restore

Self-service password restore (SSPR) is a web-based technology that allows users to change their own passwords or recover a forgotten one without calling the help desk. It enables administrators to enforce strong credential policies and reduces the workload on the help desk while increasing password security.

Most SSPR solutions offer password synchronization, enabling users to manage their own passwords subject to a single security policy across multiple systems. This reduces the number of password-related requests for help, which is the single biggest demand for service desk resources.

It also reduces the risk of social engineering attacks, where an intruder calls the help desk pretending to be the intended victim user, claims to have forgotten their account password, and asks for a new one. Most SSPR products use an alternative method of authentication to verify that the user is human, using CAPTCHA or biometrics such as voice print, facial recognition, or fingerprint scans.

Typical solutions can be used to password reset from a workstation login prompt (Windows and Mac are most commonly supported), a web browser, or a mobile app. A web-browser is usually the most convenient but may not suit all situations, a mobile application can be useful for field-workers who do not have access to a computer.

For many users, a problem such as forgetting their password or locked out of their account is unavoidable. This can result in the need to call the help desk or use a shared computer, compromising productivity.

Self-service password reset solutions can prevent this problem by enabling users to authenticate themselves using an alternative factor, such as an email address or phone number. The software will then validate this information and provide the option to reset the password or unlock the account without involving the help desk.

Most SSPR solutions include authentication methods for both email and mobile phones, requiring the user to enter a verification code that they receive in either of these ways, with the last digit displayed as a reminder to which phone or email was used. In addition, most SSPR solutions can support multifactor authentication, such as Yubikey, Duo Authentication and Google Auth, for additional protection against potential security breaches.

School portal

The school portal with broward single sign on is a great way to access a variety of online tools and resources. These include online textbooks, educational apps, and other digital learning materials that can be used for learning purposes or fun. The portal also has a number of interactive features that promote collaboration and engagement between students and teachers.

A few years ago, Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) had a well-known SSO system that allowed students to easily navigate to multiple learning applications without needing multiple usernames and passwords. However, this system was plagued with many issues. In order to improve the user experience and avoid future problems, BCPS replaced it with Clever. The Clever system is a slick piece of software that is designed to provide a smooth and seamless user experience. The system has several cool features, including a clever logo that lights up when you’re logged in to the system. It also has an impressive number of awards, such as the best SSO system in the state of Florida and the most awards ever received for an SSO system.

Clever SSO

Clever SSO is an innovative digital learning platform that has been implemented by Broward County Public Schools (BCPS). The system enables students and teachers to access a variety of digital resources and applications from one centralized location. This saves time for both parties by reducing the need to log in and navigate multiple systems and programs. It also provides personalized learning and innovative tools that support collaborative learning between students and teachers.

While Clever SSO is beneficial for students and teachers, there are some drawbacks to the technology. For example, the platform can experience technical issues, which may disrupt classroom activities and cause frustration for users. It is also vulnerable to data privacy and security concerns. It also requires reliable internet connectivity, which can be difficult for some students and teachers to achieve.

The main advantages of clever SSO are the single sign-on feature, easy navigation, and a focus on personalized learning. These features ensure that students receive the support and resources they need to succeed, regardless of their learning style or ability level.

Clever SSO uses badges to login instead of passwords, which makes it easier for students to use the system. Students can also log in with their laptops’ webcam, a feature that is especially helpful for elementary schoolers who are not good at typing. Although some students may find the switch to Clever SSO a bit awkward, they can quickly adapt to the new software.

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