Hotels in Sentosa Island for Your Singapore Trip

by H.Sara

Sentosa island is a part of Singapore that brings you enjoyment in the feel of an island getaway. If you were ever dreaming about spending your day on an island, this place is the answer. At Sentosa Island, you can go for a memorable vacation whether you want to spend the holiday relaxing or having fun.

On Sentosa Island, you can look up any entertainment in the hotels there. As you mention, there are underwater rooms, a private pool, or classical-style hotels, Sentosa Island is answering all of your needs.

So, if you want to know the best about Hotels in Sentosa Island, look at this list to make up your holiday plan there.

The Vintage One, The Barracks Hotel

The Barracks Hotel is one of Sentosa’s newest hotels. Not ordinary luxury hotels, this Barracks Hotel gives you the heritage of the world of the beautiful British outpost. The old building was restored to a sophisticated hotel with a classical ambiance.

The rooms of this hotel are a perfect mirroring of a British outpost but with a modern touch in details. The feeling by you stay in this hotels will feeling vintage by the furnishing color, wood-style furniture.

One of the best, you can enjoy your private heritage tours and exclusive entry to the private lounge for all-day refreshments and evening cocktails. There is also a balcony with an open door directly to the pool if you book the suite room.

For The Beach Lover, Sofitel Sentosa

Sofitel Sentosa brings you the most enjoyable beach on the island. Located at the top of the cliff facing the South China Sea, the hotel offers you the best experiences. You can enjoy your beach getaway with views and get lost in the like-isolated island that is away from the city life and its noise.

Some activities to do in this hotel are, you can go to enjoy the spa, catch a movie under the stars, or stargazing in the sky with your beloved one.

Family Vacation, Village Hotel Sentosa

Want to plan a family-friendly staycation or vacation? Just pick the Village Hotel Sentosa to your list. Because of the facilities, The Village Hotel Sentosa is one of the family-friendly hotels in Sentosa.

Village Hotel Sentosa is one of the island’s best kid-friendly accommodations, providing spacious family rooms and leisurely activities for the kids. The hotel has a children’s pool that is built the same as the beach. So, you can do the sandcastle building with your beloved child.

Unlimited Entertainment, W Singapore

Not to mention, the resort of W Singapore has the most notable WET pool. Why is that so? The pool is one of the largest pools, with an underwater speaker and a pool bar. It will be a perfect place for the party-goers.

Besides that, a full of entertainment provided by this hotel for their guests with the spacious size, massive beds, and also a round jacuzzi for the most expensive category. Sentosa Island is a place for all people and you can go there too for an enjoyable holiday and getaway.

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