Gift Different Types Of Roses To Your Nearest And Dearest One

by John Eshan

There are three basic varieties of roses, and there are over 150 different species. That’s quite a collection of roses! We will break down the most popular types and give you things to think about before planting each one in this guide. The three basic groups of roses, as well as the several rose variations that fall into each category, are listed below.

1. Roses from an Old Garden

Old Garden Roses, also known as heritage, antique, or historic roses, are classic roses that date back to 1867. The Old Garden Roses are most recognized for one distinguishing feature: they only bloom once a year, in the summer. These varieties also feature a strong scent, a high petal count, and double-flower blooms, as well as a good resilience to illnesses and the cold. Old Garden Roses can be found in the following varieties:

Tea Roses: Tea Roses are repeat-flowering roses with a fragrance that is akin to Chinese black tea. Tea Roses have a distinct, classic, and delicate appearance that sets them apart from the rest of the Rosa genus. These different types of roses are used for different purposes either one is used for expressing emotion while the other is used for expressing cheerfulness.

Gallica Roses: Gallica Roses, which date back to the 12th century, are among the oldest garden roses. Gallica Roses come in a variety of colors, including pink, purple, red, and striped varieties.

2. Roses in a Modern Garden

Aside from that, Modern Garden Roses have larger blooms, less smell, and are more susceptible to disease. Here are some modern garden rose examples:

English Roses: After their British rose breeder, David Austin, English roses are from time to time referred to as David Austin Roses. His purpose became to expand roses that had been neither Modern Garden Roses nor Old Garden Roses, however alternatively a hybrid that mixed the finest characteristics of each. He invented English Roses, which have the same powerful aroma and elegant rosette form as Old Garden Roses.

Hybrids Tea Roses: The Hybrid Tea Rose is a tiny rose with big, pointed flowers that were created by crossing Old Garden Tea Roses with a hybrid everlasting rose. Hybrid Tea Roses feature a large number of flowers in a variety of colors. They also have tall, graceful stems that make great-cut flowers.

Climbing Roses: Climbing Large flowers occur on long, arching stems on roses. These stems climb and beautify walls, trellises, pergolas, and garden fences when trained. Rambling Roses, which have arching, trainable stems, are sometimes compared to Climbing Roses. Climbing Roses, on the other hand, flower at least twice during each growing season, unlike Rambling Roses, which only bloom once a year.

3. Wild Roses 

Wild Roses, also known as Species Roses, are wildflowers that have not been altered by man. This variety does not require crossbreeding with other rose kinds or species, unlike current varieties. These have pink blooms with five petals and a solitary bloom. In rare situations, you might come across red, white, or yellow Wild Roses, with a yellow rose being incredibly rare.

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