How to Find a Great Home Cleaning Service and Make Sure You Get Excellent Service

by H.Sara

So, you’ve decided to hire a cleaning service for your house. That’s fantastic! However, you may wonder, “How can I trust someone in my home, or better yet, with a key to my house?” in addition to seeking top-notch service at a reasonable price.

Professional home cleaning services continue to be in high demand. More and more individuals are learning that outsourcing these, sometimes unappealing, chores may result in a significant return on investment. The main benefit of hiring a house cleaning service is often not the time you don’t have to clean, but the overall amount of time – and energy – you recapture from disliking or avoiding cleaning.

Hiring a cleaning service for your house is a huge choice with a lot of factors to consider. Because it is, after all, your own place, trust is essential. Customers frequently do not ask the proper questions or do their homework.

Two Big Issues

Deal with a professional company –

There are several individuals or “private parties” who will clean your home and may perform an excellent job. You are, however, their employer if you hire an individual rather than a firm to clean your house and pay them a certain sum each year. You might be held accountable if they fail to pay correct taxes on the money you provide them (not to mention the next time you run for a cabinet seat, this will be all over CNN!) You might also be held accountable if someone comes into your house to work for you and is wounded or injured.

You are ideally avoiding all of these hazards by hiring a professional housekeeping service. Payroll taxes, Workers’ Compensation, and liability insurance should all be paid by the service owner. Employee training is also provided by a professional service. As a consumer, you are no longer responsible for any risk or liability. It’s worth an extra $20 to have that type of peace of mind. Isn’t that so?

Go for professionalism, but not just based on appearance – You must do your study even if a company has gleaming business cards and a Web site that rivals Microsoft. When choosing which cleaning business to employ, keep the following questions in mind:

  1. Who will be responsible for cleaning my home?

Do they hire staff or hire contract workers? Whatever the case may be, you want assurance that you are receiving the safeguards that should come standard with a professional service. Do they work in groups or as individuals? Inquire as to why they employ the model that they use. Different company concepts are successful for various reasons. Just make sure the firm you’re considering hiring is doing it for the correct reasons. On their website, the IRS offers a helpful guide for determining what constitutes an employee and independent contractor relationship.

  • Do they do criminal background checks and personnel pre-screening?

Every service should have a policy in place for background checks and staff pre-screening. Today’s technology allows even the tiniest business to access low-cost tools over the Internet. When it comes to due diligence, you’ll want to know what policies they follow and how they go about it.

  • Do they have adequate insurance?

Workers Compensation and general liability insurance are two types of insurance. It’s not a bad idea to request a copy of the insurance certificates. They should be more than willing to show you their insurance policy, regardless of how much it costs.

  • Do they have a money-back guarantee?

So, what exactly does it entail? How long do I have to contact after the service is completed to report any issues that need to be addressed? It is flawed human people cleaning the house, no matter how wonderful the service is or how effective the staff training program is. You should have confidence as a consumer that if the team has a “poor day,” the firm will make it right.

  • Who will be in possession of the key to my home?

What are the rules? How can I be certain that I am safe? This should be a major worry, yet few buyers remember to inquire about it. Is it necessary to sign out the keys every day? At other times, how are the keys kept? What is the location of their storage? Are they imprisoned? Who is to blame for them? Are there any marks on them that specify where they go if they are lost or stolen? Make sure the key has nothing on it that identifies your address. Also, find out what the policy is for replacing or rekeying the key if it is lost or stolen upfront.

Final Words

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