Jeannie Mai Net Worth

by John Eshan

Jeannie Mais bank account of how she became a TV personality and fashion proficient is challenging. Her dedication to her craft and humane efforts have contributed greatly to her realization. Her first primetime space came in 2005 once she hosted Character Fantasy re USA Network. She then started hosting segments linked to entertainment news and fashion concerning networks such as NBC and E!


As a famous television personality and fashion practiced, Jeannie Mai has declared a sizable fortune through her professional activities. Her era in the region of The Real, along as soon as a slew of subsidiary projects, have contributed significantly to her net worth. Moreover, her impeccable style and sage advice have helped her construct a faithful subsequent to plus her fans. Besides her influence in the entertainment industry, Jeannie Mai also advocates body positivity and womens empowerment through her various social media platforms. Her selfless actions are as well as significant sources of pension.

Mais professional journey began gone she started as a makeup artiste for MAC Cosmetics. Her passion for makeup soon led to her pursuing a career in the sports ground of television. In 2003, she began auditioning for local television shows and reading scripts to profit experience. Soon, she landed a role as the host of Asian American produce an effect Stir and far away along, she hosted her own music countdown program in symbol to California Music Channel. Her career took off from there, and she became the host of USA networks Character Fantasy. She has furthermore hosted numerous fashion and beauty shows, including NBCs Extra TV and TLCs 10 Years Younger and Wheres Your Style.

In 2009, she co-founded the lifestyle brand Hello Hunnay, which has earned her substantial revenues. She has with participated in several selfless initiatives and works to puff womens empowerment. She has a hermetically sealed social media presence and shares her journey once buddies regarding Instagram, where she has again 2 million associates.

Despite the many goings-on in her career, Jeannie Mai Net Worth remains beached. Her personal struggles have single-handedly strengthened her resolve and her resilience continues to inspire people all more than the world. She is a breast cancer survivor, and she is flaming taking place just about empowering women. She has a mighty membership to her lineage, and she frequently reflects upon her experiences through her public appearances and social media posts. Jeannie Mais impressive profusion is a addendum of her hard feat, dedication, and finishing in the entertainment industry. She has carved a recess for herself as an clever television host and fashion adept, and she is for ever and a day on the go to shove the boundaries of her industry. Her era upon The Real has helped her construct a sound reputation, which has helped her to upfront payment her network and profit new opportunities.

Personal vibrancy

Jeannie Mai Net Worth is a multifaceted personality who has earned an impressive along with in the entertainment industry. Her lighthearted persona and invaluable style hint have influenced audiences across the globe. She is a role model to teenage women everywhere and a testament to the gift of far along doing and aspiration. Born in San Jose, California upon January 4, 1979, Mai discovered her hero worship for fashion at an in front age. Her blend in styling and makeup led her to pursue a career as an performer for MAC Cosmetics. She speedily rose through the ranks, earning the slant as a beauty and fashion nimble for several celebrities. She along with gained a reputation as a popular fashion act host.

In 2009, Mai landed her vast fracture as the host of the Style Networks fashion makeover produce a upshot What I Look Like. She went upon to host the weekend edition of NBCs Extra TV and collaborated taking into consideration the NBC weight loss dogfight The Biggest Loser as a celebrity fashion consultant. Her diverse range of talents made her a natural fit for the daytime television landscape. In 2013, Mai became the co-host of The Real along bearing in mind Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, and Tamar Braxton. The team went upon to win a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host in 2018 and NAACP Image Awards in 2018 and 2021.

While television is a cornerstone of Mais take interest, she has moreover ventured into association entrepreneurial pursuits to colleague in crime her earnings. She has authored books, launched her own fashion stock, and engaged in unselfish behavior. Her diversified portfolio has boosted her overall net worth by a significant margin. In adviser to her illustrious career, Mai also enjoys a lavish lifestyle. She maintains luxurious properties in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Her opulent lifestyle is with a outcome of her lucrative authorization deals in the promote on various brands. Moreover, she is actively in force in humanitarian programs that assert education, womens empowerment, and the length of-human trafficking campaigns.

Media appearances

Jeannie Mai Net Worth is an example of the rewards that come from taking into account discharge faithfulness and dedication to your craft. The multifaceted celebrity stylist has made a make known for herself as an skillful TV host, fashion competent, traveler, and philanthropist. Her court combat is a testament to her organization to obtain used to and take minister to on in the ever-varying world of entertainment. Jeannie has wowed audiences considering her full of beans personality and style take effect, earning herself worldwide fame. Her appearances upon shows aligned to How Do I Look and daytime chat undertaking The Real helped her construct a substantial gone. She has plus served as a correspondent for numerous beauty pageants and red carpet doings.

Despite her hectic schedule, Jeannie still finds time to make a difference in the lives of others. Her unselfish assume an battle has helped her confirm a relationship taking into account her audience, and she continues to use her platform to inspire and empower them. She is along with a devoted dog fanatic, and her furry companion often steals the spotlight in her Instagram posts.

Mai is of Chinese and Vietnamese extraction, and her parentage has influenced her wisdom of style and unique viewpoint. Her diverse background has shaped her into the confident and capable individual that she is today. She is a role model for youthful women in take effect to the world, and her accomplishments have paved the way for many to follow in her footsteps. In add together to her accurately-to-get treaty of career, Mai has in addition to maintained a healthy personal moving picture. She was married to Freddy Harteis until their divorce in 2017, and she taking into consideration married rapper Jeezy in 2023. The couple has one child together.

Throughout her illustrious career, Mai has earned numerous awards and recognitions. She has get older-privileged two Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host and compound NAACP Image Award nominations. She is as well as the co-host of the Amazon Freevee cooking sham Americas Test Kitchen: The Next Generation, which debuted in December of 2022. Jeannie Mai is an inspiration to her spectators, and her diversified situation events have contributed significantly to her impressive net worth.


Jeannie Mais career has been a remarkable journey from makeup performer to television host. Her natural attraction and impeccable style captivate audiences and have earned her a deafening behind. Her attainment in the entertainment industry has as well as led to lucrative entrepreneurial ventures, which have bolstered her profusion.

Her philanthropic combat is different source of pension for the TV star. Her efforts have helped to lift attentiveness and funds for various causes, including the fight touching human trafficking. Her spaciousness very more or less her personal struggles has furthermore resonated gone audiences, supplementary further details her relationship as soon as fans. In include to her take charity as a television host and fashion adept, Mai has embarked upon a number of entrepreneurial ventures that contribute to her net worth. She has delved into fashion collaborations and has written several books. Her sartorial choices and bold fashion choices have made her a style icon for many teenager women.

The Real is one of the most capably-liked daytime chat shows upon the sky, and the co-hosts have earned numerous awards and accolades. However, the acquit yourself has along with seen its fair part of the theater. In 2018, rumors swirled that Mai and her co-hosts were sad once their salary. In particular, it was alleged that the former Sister, Sister star Tamera Mowry-Housley usual more allocation than her co-hosts.

Jeannie Mai Net Worth 2023: How Much Does She Make?

The real estate matter is a lucrative industry for celebrities, and Mais wonderful portfolio has contributed to her net worth. In supplement taking place to her Los Angeles and Las Vegas properties, she owns a habitat in New York City. The TV star has moreover invested in several tallying exact estate projects, including a luxury condo in Las Vegas and a luxurious vacation rental in Malibu.


Jeannie Mai is a famous fashion influencer, and her carefree style has inspired countless fans. She often mixes high-recess designer pieces gone affordable finds to create a unique see. Her style has even been featured in several fashion magazines, and she is a sought-after stylist for numerous celebrities. Jeannie Mai is a model of gaining for any woman who is sure to follow their dreams and pursue their passions. The TV hosts diverse background, fused gaining sets, and hermetically sealed undertaking ethic have all contributed to her feint-feat in the entertainment industry. She continues to be an inspiration for aspiring professionals, and her sartorial flair and brave right to use to energy are determined to continue to inspire audiences in this area the world.

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