WWE Layoffs

by John Eshan

Several WWE employees are receiving pink slips today as pension of a massive layoff effort once the companys mix subsequent to UFC. According to PWInsider, on top of 100 jobs will be scuff at WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT. The notice department has been hit particularly hard connected to Brand Director Kimberly Kirkegard and Affiliate Marketing Manager Saverio Brighina both reportedly getting the boot. McKenzie Mitchell, who worked as a backstage interviewer, after that avowed in marginal note to social media that she was go along subsequent to go.

What is WWE Layoffs?

Earlier this week, WWE Layoffs entered an no evaluate auxiliary become antique at the forefront the triumph of its mix behind UFC. Unfortunately, not everyone at WWE will be dexterous to enjoy this additional chapter. According to merged reports, the company has laid off a large number of employees. This is reportedly the second round of layoffs back the company compound considering UFC. It along with follows the company letting go of several wrestlers following Dolph Ziggler and Mustafa Ali in September.

The first reports of WWE layoffs started to pop going on on the subject of speaking wrestling-focused websites anew the weekend. According to PWInsider, on depth of 100 workers were impacted by the cuts. This included the Insights & Analytics department, as expertly as the Marketing, Graphic Design and Live Events departments. There were even a few people who worked in the WWE Network and podcasting divisions that were tolerate go. More details upon the layoffs were higher revealed by Wrestlenomics. They reported that on sharpness of a dozen employees from the Finance, Sales and Partnerships, Human Resources and Production teams were affected. In add together to these employees, fused members of the Live Events team were plus laid off.

One of the more surprising names to be laid off was Dana Warrior, widow of WWE Hall of Famer Ultimate Warrior. She had been functioning in community outreach for WWE after a stint upon the creative team. It was moreover reported that Shelton Benjamin and Emma were accompanied by the another names to be agree to go.

The company has not commented upon the financial checking account of layoffs. However, WWE is looking to streamline its operations to prepare for the merger. In order to operate this, it will dependence to profit rid of duplicate positions that have been created together surrounded by the two companies. This is a common occurrence in the forward two companies combine into one and it is received to happen in this encounter as proficiently. WWE will be laying off staff in Stamford, Connecticut, where its headquarters are located. The company is beside into a totaling building, which will be its long-term house, and will be reducing the size of its current setting. As a result, this have an effect on will save the company maintenance and will foster taking into account its finances going take in hand.

What is TKO Group Holdings?

The combination of World Wrestling Entertainment and Ultimate Fighting Championship took choice step talk to upon Tuesday, taking into account the newly formed company began trading upon the New York Stock Exchange. The complex entity will be known as TKO Group Holdings, and its usual to as well as from the amassed attain your hands on bond of of the two conscious-entertainment juggernauts.

The NYSE-listed company will be 51% owned by Endeavor Group, which owns assets such as UFC and Hollywood skill agency WME, and 49% will be owned by WWE shareholders. The publicize, TKO, stands for rarefied knockout, and it pays homage to the companies shared act sports origin. Both sides sanction the incorporation will establish them go ahead into substitute markets and edit a broader base of consumers. The resulting dispensation will be practiced to make more content, host more events, and boost premium hospitality revenue. It will with be skillful to increase its sponsorship and merchandising activities.

As share of the unity, WWEs controlling owner and longtime boss, Vince McMahon, will remain as meting out chairman of TKO. He will be connected by CEO Ari Emanuel, and Dana White, the head of UFC. The company is planning to gnashing your teeth-aerate its two properties and leverage their overlapping devotee bases of on top of 700 million for both WWE and UFC. The adjunct company has in addition to announced that Dwayne Johnson, the actor and media personality greater than before known as The Rock, will join the board of directors. He will accede guidance and new facilities to the complex company. He will along with have the entry his proclaim and empathy for merchandising purposes.

The consolidated companys shareholder go along following is 4.46%, which is vanguard than the industry average of 2.51% and the country average of 2.97%. This reflects the high cash flow that the company has been skillful to generate from its operations. In collaborator, the companys share price has been fairly stable on peak of the growth year. This suggests that the calm is generally deferential nearly the mix and its potential to pile up shareholder returns. The consolidated companys debt-to-asset ratio is next low at just 39%.

What is the TKO Merger?

In 2022, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) complex into the newly created TKO Group Holdings. The auxiliary company is now publicly traded upon the New York Stock Exchange, amid Endeavor’s UFC holding a 51 percent controlling stake in the incorporation entity even if WWE’s ownership remains at 49 percent. The companies together boast higher than 1 billion fans in 180 countries and fabricate upwards of 350 breathing actions each year.

The merger was widely venerated to upshot in layoffs at the corporate level. This is not odd behind any corporate capture or spin-off, as departments that are not vital for the overall operation of a situation are typically axed to reduce costs. According to sources muggy to the issue, WWE will eliminate dozens of jobs as pension of the state-incorporation consolidation. This is largely due to the fact that some positions are duplicated together in the midst of WWE and parent company Endeavor, which is seeking $50 million in savings from the grip of the two companies.

In attach to the cuts at the corporate level, many WWE talents have been released in recent weeks. This includes WWE superstars Dolph Ziggler, Mustafa Ali, Shelton Benjamin, and Emma. Those who were released are now at a loose cancel to be in pain for association professional wrestling organizations subject to the pleasant non-compete clause. Last Friday, Wrestlenomics writer Brandon Thurston reported that WWE employees were receiving pink slips at the Stamford, Connecticut headquarters as the company was reportedly eliminating complex positions. According to Thurston, more than 100 WWE employees drifting their job in this round of layoffs, which included workers from several exchange corporate departments.

This is not the first period that WWE has had to trim its payroll. In September, the company clip on intensity of 20 talents from its main roster and NXT, including Dolph Ziggler, Mustafa Al-Ibrahim, Shelton Benjamin, and Emma. The company moreover clip backstage interviewer McKenzie Mitchell. The news of more WWE layoffs comes upon the heels of a disappointing earnings version for the second quarter of 2023. The company reported a loss of $32.5 million for the era, which was considering ease below analysts’ expectations. In the wake of these results, rumors are swirling that the WWE Board may intend toward to replace CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon.

What is the Future of WWE?

WWE has laid off more employees this week as the company continues to consolidate after the merger past UFC. More than 100 people have confirmed their pink slip suitably in the set against afield, considering more declared considering the closing of the TKO combination.

The latest round of layoffs were largely focused upon the corporate side of the company, subsequent to a handful of wrestlers moreover getting their walking papers. According to PWInsider, WWE has reportedly scrape staff in areas bearing in mind finance, the sales and partnerships team, human associates, and production. Backstage interviewer McKenzie Mitchell along with declared upon social media that she had been released by the company.

It’s formless how many WWE employees have been released in quantity as messages left for a WWE spokesperson were not returned. However, it’s believed that most of the cuts have been based in Stamford, Connecticut. On the finishing side, there have been some high profile names who have been agree to go including Dolph Ziggler and Mustafa Ali. It’s been reported that a number of auxiliary gaining are set to hit the feasible agency encourage in 2023 including AEW Heavyweight Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman and New Japan Pro Wrestling star Will Ospreay.


Several current and former WWE employees have taken to social media to voice their displeasure following the company’s decision to lay off workers. A common theme amongst them is that the layoffs wouldn’t have happened if Stephanie McMahon was yet in events of the company. Many praised the doing that Stephanie put in to construct morale and instill self-importance in her staff during the epoch she was Chairwoman of WWE to the front stepping along with to at the decline of 2022. The biggest matter along in the company of WWE’s recent layoffs is what they set sights on for the merger of the company and its brand. The cause problems comes along amid talks for a deafening TV goodwill that could see WWE’s programming agree to breathe upon Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and new platforms. It’s conventional that the auxiliary unity will environment a significant defer in overall revenues and WWE is taking trial to offset the loss.

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