Redemption to Revenge: Flair, the Artist from Virginia

by H.Sara

In a world where there’s a new rap artist on the verge of stardom every day, it’s becoming more and more difficult to filter out what’s real and what’s not. This issue likely boils down to the consumer and what they prefer. If one likes an authentic story with a direct message, then Flair may be the artist for them. If one likes hard trap beats and melodic flows with an “underground-on the verge of industry fame” sound, then Flair may be the artist for them.

However, who is Flair? This budding artist hails from the city of Alexandria, Virginia by way of Washington, D.C., and is bringing new energy and sound to the rap game. Dark skinned, 5’ 10″, with a fit build and braids, Flair doesn’t seem like the aggressor you may hear in his songs. However, whatever sweet appearance Flair may give off with that charming smile in person is completely polarized in his raps on his latest album, Revenge 2.

Revenge 2 follows Flair’s two full-length projects, “Revenge” and “No Love In These Streets,” respectively. The mood of this project encompasses one completely different from the ones before. In ten short songs, Flair makes sure that his music embodies his ever-evolving hunger and prowess. Flair has a story to tell in his music. Coming from the bricks and pavement, this 24-year-old makes it his mission to emote about his struggles with addiction, depression, and heartbreak, all while never backing down from his “I’ve got this” attitude. Flairs’ sonic niche seems to fit perfectly in the 2022 post-Drake, Lil Baby, and Lil Durk dominated era.

It would be a real shame if the DMV area didn’t catch up sooner rather than later on this artist. Tap in before it’s too late! 

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