Singapore PR Agent – Getting Your PR Approved The Right Way

by John Eshan

Immigration experts in Singapore PR application agencies help foreigners who have been working and living in Singapore acquire the status of permanent residence in the country. They also provide legal services and advice in terms of immigration law as permitted by legislation. A PR agent will ensure that all the requirements are met and submitted to ICA. This includes drafting of a cover letter, verification and compilation of all documents.

PR Consultation

With PR applications facing tight competition, and the approval rate remaining low (only around 30,000 Singapore PR slots are approved each year), many applicants look for expert assistance to help them stand out from the crowd. Considering that the ICA PR application is done online without any face-to-face meeting with immigration officers, it is easy to miss out on an important requirement or make a written mistake in your submission.

This is where a PR Consultation agent comes in. One of the key elements to look out for when selecting a PR application agency is how reasonable their fees are. An unreasonable PR agency fee usually indicates that they run a small operation and are not serious about their business. Other indicators are no staff, a mobile phone number as the office line and an ordinary looking website. Hence, it is best to avoid such consultants.

Case Assessment

A comprehensive analysis of your case will be conducted by an expert in Singapore PR. The assessment process covers all the ICA evaluation criteria and is used to gauge your overall eligibility for Singapore permanent residency. The first criterion is your educational background which is assessed based on the type of institutions and courses you have attended. Continuing studies will be deemed favourably as well, given Singapore’s emphasis on lifelong learning.

Your employment status is also considered as a critical aspect and it would help if you work for a homegrown company. Other facets that are evaluated include your voluntary work and familiarisation with local culture and norms. All these will determine your ability to contribute positively to the country after you have been granted PR.


The PR application process in Singapore involves meticulous documentation. It is crucial to ensure that all documents are complete and in line with the ICA’s stringent requirements. A good Singapore PR Agent will provide guidance and help you compile the right documents for submission. They can also help you resolve any issues that might arise during the process. The demand for PR approval in Singapore is high, and only 30,000 slots are available every year. With so much competition, it is essential to do everything possible to improve your chances of success.

PR agencies can help you increase your odds of success by submitting accurate and comprehensive documents. They can also assist you in navigating the complex immigration process. In addition, they can save you time by handling all the paperwork on your behalf. They will also help you prepare for an interview with the ICA, which is typically scheduled ten working days after your application is approved.


The demand for Singapore PR has never been higher and only about 30,000 slots are opened each year. With a high rejection rate and tight competition, only the most meticulous applications stand a chance of being approved. In the old regime, ICA officers could interview applicants to verify details and determine eligibility but now, interviews have been eliminated and your chances are determined solely by your documentation. This is why having a PR Consultation Agent with expertise and experience is key to getting your application approved. Just one mistake in your paperwork can kill your chances of PR approval. Our agents ensure that you have strong arguments in your documentation to improve your probability of approval. For enquiries on Singapore PR applications, call Immigration@SG at +65 6493 1830.

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