Things Need to Know About Chromecast Streaming

by H.Sara

In this article, I am glad to share my knowledge in chrome casting. In recent days we people expect to view in big-screen technology has shown a way for this also. As we all know technology is playing a major role in every human being’s life. today I am going to share my knowledge on the topic of Chromecast streaming.

In 2021 screencasting is a feature that every device is having in this feature, of course, some devices do not have this feature, For which these Chromecast devices are used. and these devices improve their technology day by day. users of those devices expect a quality of streaming with these chrome casting devices.

What is a Chromecast Device ?

Chromecast devices are those devices in television that stream your content from a computer or the mobile. For the functioning of these devices, we should plug these devices into televisions with HDMI ports.

This streaming does not require any special subscription because it is not streaming Copyrighted content but it streams the own computer or mobile screen on a big screen. This device is developed by Google.

Disadvantage of Chromecast

  • it has only limited channels when compared to apple and other brands.
  • It takes 30 seconds to connect with the televisions.
  • it can be connected only with HDMI ports
  • it does not have any remote control but instead, it gives an app.


  • The main advantage is you can cast any movies, tv shows, and live shows from the cast-enabled apps to your tv screen directly.
  • you can also cast any websites directly from the chrome browser.
  • you can also cast any youtube videos directly from your youtube app.
  • This device is easy to carry because it is like Pendrive.


The requirement of this device is very simple: it needs only an HDMI  port in the devices to which it gets connected. and should have a USB socket and for Chromecast ultra, a wall socket is required. and we required an android or ios based smartphone for casting.

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Using Chromecast is an easy process. First, we have to connect our chrome device with the television in an HDMI port and then we can cast any content which is already streaming on other platforms.  The only rule for using these devices is the apps through which we wanted to cast content should be Cast-enabled apps and the Chromecast and television both should be in the same wifi connection


Cast-enabled apps are those apps in which this casting feature is already enabled. Some of the apps are mentioned below.

  • Netflix app
  • Amazon prime app
  • Disney plus Hotstar  app
  • chrome browser app
  • youtube app
  • google photos app
  • HBO max app
  • Spotify app
  • BBC player app
  • and many more apps


Chromecast did not visible:  this problem is most common in Chromecast due to the high traffic of signals. the remedy for this problem is restarting the particular app or restarting the Chromecast will fix this problem.

 Chromecast device does not connect to wifi: This problem is because the wifi router might be far away from the Chromecast. to solve this problem, bring the wifi router nearer to the Chromecast device. It is also a major problem of Chromecast which can be very easily solved.

loss of quality in videos: this is due to the phone or computer from which the content is streamed will be far away, to solve this bring the content streaming devices nearer to chrome cast devices.


I thereby conclude in this article, we came to know about Chromecast streaming and its advantages and disadvantages and its common problems with remedies. Nowadays every app we use has a casting option. These devices bring an extra feature of viewing the content on the big screen. and this is present technology that gives a great gift to the technology.

 I hope this article gave enough knowledge about chrome cast streaming. I also conclude by saying knowledge is not what we learn it is all about sharing the information and so I hope this article useful for the improvement of knowledge.

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