How Hertelendy Vineyards Can Be a Role Model for Other Winemakers

by H.Sara

Success comes in many forms. For Hertelendy Vineyards, it’s their unparalleled quality of wine that few competitors come close to achieving. Ralph Hertelendy is the owner and visionary behind the vineyard and has masterminded each step of production to ensure that Hertelendy wines are among the best in the world.

Where Old World wine-making tradition meets the modern world, Hertelendy Vineyards does not adhere to today’s shortcuts and instead takes whatever route necessary to cultivate the most luxurious flavor in every sip. For example, Hertelendy boasts a traditionally longer barrel age length, ranging from nineteen to twenty-three months, allowing the wine to settle more than most; and Ralph Hertelendy also knows that the best wine comes from the best grapes, which is why he sources grapes from the finest soil on the planet.

Nestled in the idyllic planting grounds 35 feet below Napa Valley’s prestigious Howell Mountain AVA, Hertelendy Vineyards sits atop renowned rocky and volcanic-ash terroir, giving reds their distinct and elegant taste. For whites, the Chardonnay hails from the legendary deep clay soil of Ritchie Vineyards. After all, from premium grapes comes premium wine.

The same excellence Hertelendy Vineyards applies to its wine-making process is similarly applied to its customer service. Through exclusive memberships, Hertelendy Vineyards keeps its clientele coming back for more. Patrons start on the path of becoming members by participating in the Lux loyalty program. As they accumulate points through wine purchases, they are given a chance to reap the specific benefits of a club member. By opening this window of opportunity, Hertelendy offers a sip of the rewards that a formal membership with Hertelendy can provide.

The next level up is the Classic club membership. Classic membership is a wine connoisseur’s dream. Grandfathered pricing at ten percent off is just one of the perks of being a member. With access to a variety of wines, patrons get to enjoy six bottles of wine, twice a year. Making available the best that the spring and winter seasons have to offer, patrons are given the opportunity to taste wines that only members are privy to through complimentary wine tastings. A Classic member has access to nearly all that Hertelendy has to offer.

Elite club membership takes the Hertelendy experience to the next—and highest—level. In addition to all the benefits of the Classic members, patrons of the Elite membership are invited to a new approach to wine. Along with enjoying grandfathered pricing of fifteen percent savings and twice the amount of wine, Elite members are granted access to exclusive wines crafted in small, limited quantities. Elite members are welcome to indulge in Hertelendy’s library of vintage and large format wines that are otherwise only available at charity auctions. Elite members will feel as if they have their fingers on the pulse of the wine industry.

Alongside wine-making consultant Phillip Corallo-Titus, Ralph Hertelendy elevates the wine lover’s experience and the name Hertelendy has come to embody the epitome of excellence within the wine world. Critics agree through their accolades: Gold at Texsom, Best in Class Double Gold at Sunset International Wine Competition, and 95 to 99 point ratings from industry luminaries, to name a few. Hertelendy Vineyards has been embraced by the wine world with wide, open arms. 

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