Use Live Mobile Location Tracker to Catch Corporate Spy With Proof

by H.Sara

Yesterday A very trustworthy employee of mine called me and ask me to give him some time as he wants to meet. I was a little surprised so I just ask him to meet me in the office any time tomorrow as I will be available. But he specially asked for some private time somewhere else outside the office and even told me to keep this meeting a secret. Well, that demand was a little too much for some mere official matter so I ask him to come to my home right away and will discuss the matter.

Turned out he thought one of the employees who has recently joined the company is some sort of spy and is working for an organization which is our competition in the market. The allegation was not that strong but the thing was the reason that made him suspicious about the specific employees was also not ignorable. So I asked him about how he thinks we should handle this matter. As it was a serious issue and must be kept under the table to save the reputation of the organization and for other employee’s morale as well. On the other hand, it was necessary to keep the thing away from the press and the culprit as well as it could make him on alert and that will make it difficult for us to get the proof.  

Mr. Josh gave me the idea of getting an employee monitoring app the OgyMogy and specifically stressed the feature live mobile location tracker and mic bug to know about the real matter. He told me that this all can be a big misunderstanding so we need special care and the use of spy app or monitoring software is our only chance as it keeps everything remote and does not let the target know about its installation of the spy app. It is important to mention here that it is completely fine to keep an eye on the employees through the company-owned device so installation of the app in the target employees cellphone and laptops was our only chance.

Know About The Real-Time Whereabouts:

The live location tracker feature lets the user know about the real-time location of the target at any given time. So we installed the app on the target employee device and the app leads our way to every proof. The real-time location told us about his daily schedules and activities secretly.

Mark A Safe Zone:

The live mobile location tracker allows the user to mark a safe zone on Google Maps for the target. Any movement outside the marked zone is reported to the user immediately. Thus the user can know about any suspicious activity easily right away.

Put Suspicious Meeting Places In Restricted Zone:

Just like a safe zone, OgyMogy mobile location tracker lets the user make a restricted zone as well on google map. The virtual no-go zone allows the user to know about the target activity in the specified area. This can help the user know about whereabouts and any suspicious meeting places.

Listen To Them :

Some of the other employee monitoring features offered by the OgyMogy app can help the user to know about any other suspicious activities of the target employee. This includes a mic bug and a camera bug feature. The camera bug feature uses the front and rear camera of the target employee device to catch the surroundings of the target. One can know about the target’s company, meeting place, and many other factors by using the camera bug feature. The mic feature can let the user listen to all the chats and discussions with ease. Thus with the help of the live mobile location tracker feature along with the mic bug and camera bug feature, one can not only found out the meeting place of the culprit but can also know about the meeting agenda as well.      

Thankfully the use of OgyMogy and mobile location tracker features along with some other features helped us a lot in catching the corporate spy. All we did was select the package and installed it on the target employee device. A timely action saved us from big destruction as things were controlled under the table and the release of the new product went as planned.   

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