First Extended Service Corporation

by James William

First Extended Service offers four car warranty plans. Each plan has customizable details, such as the length of the coverage and the deductible. The company also offers a variety of roadside services, including rental reimbursement and travel interruption assistance.

The company provides its products and services to several thousand auto dealers that sell new and used vehicles. Its dealer obligor programs include value-added service contract programs and maintenance services.

Car Warranty Plans

Car repair expenses can be expensive, and a warranty plan may help you cover repairs that aren’t covered by your auto maker’s standard warranty. However, there are many different providers of car warranties, and it’s important to read sample contracts carefully before making a decision. The best extended auto warranty companies will make their plans available to you online, with details of what is and isn’t included.

First Automotive Warranty offers four car warranty plans, ranging from powertrain to comprehensive coverage. Each plan has a customizable term length, and you can choose the type of deductible you want to pay. The company also offers a lifetime warranty, which is unique in the industry. Customers have mixed reviews about the company’s customer service and claims process.

Most people are not familiar with the terms of their car warranty, and they may be at a disadvantage when trying to get repairs done. For example, if your extended warranty requires that you use your dealership for all repairs, it can limit the number of auto body shops you can work with and force you to buy replacement parts from the dealer, which are often more expensive than other kinds of car parts.

Some extended car warranty companies also exclude routine maintenance and wear and tear components from their plans. These include things like brake pads, windshield wipers and shock absorbers. If you don’t perform these tasks regularly, the repair bills can add up quickly. Then, you may be disappointed when you find out that your new extended warranty doesn’t cover the expense.

If you have a car warranty, you can rest assured that you’ll be covered for most repairs, but you must remember that a good auto repair shop will recommend a reputable manufacturer replacement part, rather than an aftermarket one. If you go with a cheap brand, the part will likely break down again in a short period of time.

Some car warranty companies have been in business for decades and have a solid reputation. Other providers have been around for less time, but are gaining popularity. One such company is Toco Warranty Corporation, which is a relative newcomer to the car warranty industry but has quickly built a strong reputation for quality and affordability.

Auto Repair Coverage

When a vehicle breaks down, First Extended Service offers customers the chance to repair the car at a mechanic of their choice. The company lists 70,000 licensed repair facilities that accept its warranties. It also covers roadside assistance and trip interruption reimbursement. Customers have the option of buying a Powertrain or Comprehensive plan, and the plans vary in length. The company has a customer service center that is available to answer questions and process claims.

Many customers have positive experiences with the company, and one customer writes that it has paid out triple what she paid for the warranty. Others, however, complain about the company’s poor customer service and claim that the warranties do not cover repairs they need.

Most auto repair companies have a list of items that they will not cover. These include wear and tear components, recurring maintenance tasks like oil changes and tire rotations, and repairs made after an accident. The lists of excluded items are often lengthy and confusing. The best way to avoid these problems is to read the fine print carefully.

First Extended Service has four car warranty plans. Its Powertrain plan costs less than the average in the United States, while its Comprehensive plan offers the most coverage. Both plans come with a deductible. A Powertrain plan covers the cost of repairing or replacing the engine, transmission and drive shaft. The Comprehensive plan covers the cost of repairing or replacing other essential components, including the air conditioning compressor and water pump.

Customers can file a claim online or by calling the toll-free number on their warranty contract. The company will verify that the repairs are covered by the warranty before a repair shop can commence work. In addition to the claim form, customers must show the employee at the repair shop their vehicle service contract and maintenance records, if requested. First Automotive will usually approve simple repairs over the phone, but complex repairs, such as those involving the failure of major components, require an inspection by a First Extended Service Corporation employee.

Rental Reimbursement

First extended service corporation offers a number of extended vehicle warranty products and services. It provides its products and services to several thousand auto dealers that sell new and used cars, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles. Some of the services that it offers include rental reimbursement, roadside assistance and travel interruption coverage. The rental reimbursement covers the cost of a rental car while your vehicle is in the shop for covered repairs. The roadside assistance covers towing, flat tires, lockouts and dead batteries. It also covers food and lodging if your trip is interrupted because of a vehicle breakdown.

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